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20 Aug

I had absolutely no idea where I was going when I started these nails….I just fished out a tonne of polishes I wanted to use, a make up sponge and got to work.  I quite like the finished result, they kind of remind me of nebula with all the purples and shimmery gold colours!

Polishes used

  • Sinful Colours – Call You Later
  • Sinful Colours – Nail Junkie
  • Sinful Colours – Let’s Meet
  • Sinful Colours – Snow Me White
  • w7 – Metallic Saturn
  • w7 – Metallic Venus
  • Essie – Sexy
  • MaxFactor Mini – Diva Pink
  • Rimmel – Glitter Top Coat

OMD2 – Roses

25 Jul

I knew when I started this challenge that I’d never be able to manage a post for every single category, I don’t think I realised how few I’d actually be able to do though!! Real life sucks! How dare it get in the way of me and my nails!  Hmph!

So, without further delay, here is my contribution for day 25 – roses.  I’ve not had ANY TIME at all to paint my nails this month so the best I could come up with for this day was a quick stamp using my konad plates.

How cute is Mr Seal?  I couldn’t resit posing with him as he matched the colour of my polish almost perfectly!!

Polishes used:

  • Nails Inc – Seymour Walk
  • Rimmel – Sea Green
  • Rimmel – Glitter Top Coat
  • Nails Inc – Matte Top Coat

OMD2 – Animal Print

21 Jul

This day of the challenge was perfect for finally getting round to using my MoYou Pro Plate 05.  I was feeling a bit ‘goth’ when I did these so went with a red and black theme and spiderweb prints!

The red and black clingfilm mani alone was gorgeous, but with silver spiderwebs and a matte top coat I think it looks pretty much perfect for Halloween – shame it’s the middle of July!!

Polishes used: 

  • Rimmel – Exotica
  • MoYou – Blck
  • China Glaze – Stone Cold

January N.A.I.L. – Inspired by Pinterest

17 Jan

Wahay! Today I am am completing my first ever N.A.I.L. challenge!!  One of my resolutions this year is to post more regularly and getting involved in these challenges is a good way of ensuring I do that as it’s a little prompt to help when you’re feeling less than inspired!!

I missed the first prompt of the January challenge which was ‘health & wellness’ as I was too busy getting stressed out over job interviews!  That’s all over now so N.A.I.L. now has my undivided attention!  So, this week’s theme is inspired by Pinterest, I am ALWAYS on Pinterest so I had no end of inspiration to help with this challenge!! I actually wanted to do something pretty simple as I was feeling quite tired when I was doing these (getting towards the end of a long week at work!) so I based my look on these lovelies!!  True to my word they were indeed very simple to do using just a small striping brush for the gold details and then finishing it all off with a matte topcoat (I seriously think there’s nothing better than matte black nails!).

Make sure you all check out the other entries in the challenge!!

Polishes used:

  • Barry M – Black
  • Rimmel Finishing Touch Glitter Top Coat
  • w7 – Golden Pearl


12 Days of Christmas – Candy Canes

11 Dec

I bet this design looks familiar eh!?  Rocking the stripes from my Elves post in candy cane colours this time!!  I didn’t think I’d like this design when I first did it as red and white usually look a bit garish and bright and I thought it might look a little tacky, however I totally love it!!

Polishes used:

  • w7 – White
  • Rimmel – Red

12 Days of Christmas – Christmas Jumper

27 Nov

Ugh, I am so unimpressed with these nails.  I mean, nothing about this design is good – my stamps are off centre, my diamonds aren’t diamond, my lines aren’t straight, my dots are smudged.  I mean, really, what was I playing at!?  I am totally going to do this day of the challenge again, but don’t think I’ll have time before the date range is up so posting these for now *sigh*.

I won’t say anymore about these, they’re terrible….but c’est la vie!

Polishes used:

  • Nails Inc – Mayfair
  • Rimmel Pro – Sea Green

Day 14 – Stamping

18 Jun

I love stamping, it’s so simple and looks like you’ve done something really complicated!! I love it when people are amazed by my nails after stamping a pattern on them, and I get to feel smug at how simple it was!!

I went with one of my favourite stamps for this which is a rose pattern from one of my Konad plates (possibly M65?).  I used one of my red polishes from Rimmel for this one.  I haven’t stamped with it before but will definitely use it again.

Polishes used:

  • Nails Inc – Mayfair (pearly white/cream)
  • Rimmel – Red (shimmery red)
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