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Day 31 – Recreate Someone Else’s Mani From Earlier in the Challenge

21 Aug

Okay, so most people did this WAY back in January when it first came out, and I’ve been slogging away at it for what feels like months now.  I’m so glad to get to the end, I’ve actually completed my first ever nail challenge and can’t believe that most people usually do this in a month – that would be far too much effort for me.  I’ve really enjoyed doing this challenge, but I’m glad to have the creative reigns back in my own hands now and am looking forward to coming up with my own designs again!

For this final day I recreated this mosaic look from Day 10 of the challenge as done by My Nail Journey, just using a different colour scheme.  I kind of think it looks a little bit like bathroom or kitchen tiles, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing necessarily!!

Polishes used: 
O.P.I – I Don’t Give a Rotterdam (base colour)
Barry M – Grey
Studio London – Cloudburst
China Glaze – Stone Cold


Day 30 – Favourite Nail Art Technique

17 Aug

These ones are also what I’m wearing to a wedding we’re going to this weekend.  I think two of my favourite techniques involve dotting tools and striping tape so I combined the two to make flowers over stripey, diagonal French tips.

I started with my base colour and once that had dried taped off triangles at the tips and painted over with the Barry M green. I let that dry overnight then used striping tape and the Models Own green to create stripes over the tips.  Following more drying time I used a small dotting tool and a cocktail stick to create the flowers with white and then gold for the centre.


Without flash


With flash

These took quite a while, not because they were difficult to do but I wanted to make sure I let each stage dry thoroughly – I’m trying to be more patient with my nail art to stop smudging etc.

I think they look really pretty 🙂

Polishes used
Revlon Cala Lily (base coat)
Barry M Emerald Green (stripes)
Models Own Peacock Green (stripes)
W7 White (flowers)
Nails Inc Lanesborough Place (centre of flowers)

Day 29 – Inspired by a Blogger

16 Aug

I was spoiled for choice with this one – there are so many good blogs out there that I follow and inspire me on a daily basis.  I decided to go with a Robin Moses inspired design though as she’s been doing this for a long time and some of her nail designs are absolutely amazing, I hope one day I’ll be able to recreate some of the designs that she’s done, they’re so detailed and incredible!

I particularly like the flower designs that Robin does, they’re so beautiful, so inspired by the many videos on YouTube I created a black and gold flower design.

It’s been so long since I did any real nail art, and by that I mean painting freehand with my brushes so these are a little shaky and there’s no way you’re seeing my non dominant hand! I used acrylic paint for the flowers as I find it easier to work with and a much better consistency than nail polish. The gold is Nails Inc Lanesborough Place.


Without flash to show pattern


With flash to show base colour

I’m really happy with these though and can’t wait to try out more designs now I’m feeling a little braver!

Day 28 – Inspired by Your Favourite Colour

14 Aug

I’m so indecisive when it comes to my favourite colour, it’s really hard to pick just one!  So I didn’t!  For this day I went with ALL the colours!  I kept it pretty simple (simplicity seems to be becoming a theme in my nail art at the moment!) as using 10 nail polishes was complicated enough so I just went with colourful french tips which I did using striping tape as a guideline.  These ones are really fun and I plan to experiment with other colour combinations in the future!

Polishes used: 

  • Thumb – Revlon Buttercup & Nails inc Onslow Gardens
  • Index – Nails inc phoenix place & Nails Inc Blenheim Terrace
  • Middle – Bourjois Bleu Violet & a england Holy Grail
  • Ring – Nails Inc St James & No7 Temptress
  • Pinkie – Barry M Navy & a england Galahad

Day 27 – Inspired by Me!

12 Aug

I knew straight away that I had to have a go at doing ‘Lemmings’ nails for this day.  It’s what the blog is called after all!  I also wanted to keep it pretty simple as I’m still 100% in lazy mode!

I went with the cling film method, using blue and green (Lemming colours!) for the majority of my nails.  On my ring finger I painted a Lemming using nail art brushes and a dotting tool.  It’s not fancy, or special but it is Lemming themed!  My Lemming looks a little bit like a child has painted it and I don’t think I’ll wear it for long as it’s a bit silly for me!

Polishes used:

  • Barry M Spring Green (290)
  • Barry M Cobalt Blue (291)
  • Essie Mink Muffs
  • W7 White
  • Barry M Black Nail Pen
  • Studio London Deep Ivy

Day 26 – Inspired by my country

8 Aug

I will get to the end of this challenge!  I’m getting a bit sick of it now to be honest, these last few days haven’t been very inspirational for me.  But…I’m determined to see it through to the end, and it’s certainly given me the inspiration I was looking for when I started it!  I’ve been so busy over the last month or so and now that’s all finally passed I’ve just wanted to slump on the couch and not paint my nails at all!

Day 26 is inspired by my country, which is the UK.  I pondered for ages about what to do for this, and then came across some Cath Kidston inspired nails and knew instantly that an English Rose theme was the way forward.  This is only my second ever attempt at doing these kinds of roses and I don’t think they’ve turned out too badly considering.  As is often the case I put my top coat on before the roses and dots had fully dried (I am SO impatient!) and so there’s a few smudges – one day I’ll learn!

Polishes used: 

  • Nails Inc – Onslow Gardens (lilac base coat)
  • OPI – Honk If You Love OPI (for the dots and the base of the roses)
  • M & S – dark magenta (for contouring the roses)
  • W7 – White (for contouring the roses)
  • Studio London – Deep Ivy (for the leaves)

Day 25 – Inspired by my Childhood

1 Aug

I had so many ideas for this one, based on all the amazing cartoons that were around in the 80s and 90s when I was growing up.  I wanted to do Count Duckula nails, Rugrats nails, He-Man nails, She-Ra nails, Bananaman nails, Danger Mouse nails….you get the picture.  In the end I settled for something that I thought would be a little more achievable – Transformers Nails!!



I messed these up a little, as drawing upside down on my own nails isn’t my strong point and at points I got the design completely wrong, so fudged them by making them look a little like transformers but not quite how they should look.  I gave up by the time I got to my thumb and painted two racing stripes on yellow to represent Bumblebee!!  Despite that, I think these are still cool!  I’ll be attempting them again when I’ve mastered drawing Deceptacon logos upside down!!

I also cheated a little with these in that I only did my left-hand, drawing transformers on my right hand would have been a nightmare.  My right hand is currently sporting my Pacman nails and I’ve had hours of amusement in making my Pacman thumb nom the transformers and the ghosts on my right hand.  It doesn’t take much!!

Polishes used:

Barry M – yellow
Nails Inc – St James (red)
Barry M – Blue
Nails Inc – Phoenix Place (pink)
Barry M – Green
Barry M black nail art pen

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