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OMD2 – Favourite Polish

10 Jul

Yes, yes, I know….you’ve seen this combination already on my blog, but today’s OMD prompt calls for your favourite polish and these two are mine!  I love these polishes SO much!!  I wanted to keep this day simple to show off the colours, so have just gone for a simple gradient (you can’t beat it!).

I know that I’ve missed a few days of the challenge (5-9 inclusive); I was away celebrating 5 years together with my boyfriend so I think that’s a good enough excuse!  I’m hoping to catch up towards the end with the days that I’ve missed!!

Polishes used: 

  • Essie – Sexy
  • Models Own – Peacock Green

(Another) Interlocking Dotticure!

25 Jun

My good old fall back mani!! Whenever I’m uninspired and just want something pretty on my nails this design always comes out!!  It’s so easy to do, and relatively quick and always gets lots of compliments!

These greens were still left out from my attempt at plaid nails so I picked them up again (I can’t resist a good green!).

Polishes used:

  • Nails Inc – Marylebone Road
  • Models Own – Peacock Green

Green Tartan

18 Jun

I’ve been seeing quite a few tartan/plaid designs around the interwebs recently and it inspired me to recreate my own….in green, my favourite colour!  They’re not perfect but I still quite like them.  Last time I did plaid nails I used tape and it took FOREVER (but it was neat!).  This time I decided to risk going freehand and used various striping brushes….my hand is definitely a little shaky so the lines aren’t too neat, but overall not too bad for a first attempt!!  Practice makes perfect so I’ll definitely have to have a go at these again in the future!

Polishes used: 

  • Barry M – Spring Green
  • Models Own – Peacock Green
  • M&S – Dark Magenta
  • Nails Inc – Marylebone Road

Gilded Peacock

12 Mar

Way back when I first started blogging I did a (in my opinion) gorgeous gradient using two of my favourite polishes – Sexy by Essie and Peacock by Models Own.  It’s been AGES since I used these two polishes together so I thought it high time I did!!  I started with a base coat of Peacock on all my fingers, then taped off sections getting incrementally bigger from thumb to pinkie and went over with Sexy.  Between the boundary of the two I used my gold polish and a thin striping brush to make small lines, which kinda remind me of sound waves or something!!

Anyway, I really liked these ones! I knew I would as they’re my favourite polishes, I’m only disappointed that I couldn’t get my camera to play ball and pick up the colours properly!

Polishes used:

  • Nails Inc – Lanesborough Place
  • Essie – Sexy
  • Models Own – Peacock

New Years Eve

31 Dec

Sorry for the radio silence folks, I’ll be back in full swing in the next week or two, Christmas and life have just gotten in the way of  blogging recently! I’ll be back with a round up of Christmas nails and my favourites of the year soon though! For now here’s what I’m wearing for NYE….I just wanted something simple so used my MoYou Back to the 80s plate for some celebratory nails.

Hope you all have a great New Year whatever you’re doing and I look forward to sharing more nails with you in 2014!

Polishes used
Models Own – Peacock
Nails Inc – Lanes borough Place

12 Days of Christmas – Snow Theme

23 Nov

I knew straight away what I wanted to do for this day of the challenge, and it absolutely had to involve a holo base colour!!  These nails are so pretty I just can’t stop staring at them and I’m going to be so sad when it comes to time to take them off 😥

Anyhow, they were so simple to do – I just stamped snowflakes in different colours and designs randomly (there was small bit of thought involved, but random for the most part!) over my base coat et voila!!

Polishes used:

  • Models Own – Indian Ocean
  • Konad – Blue
  • Konad – Purple
  • w7 – White
  • Konad plate m59

Layers of Birds!

19 Nov

These nails were a bit of a rush job and not what I planned to do at the outset as time kind of got away from me, until I got to the point where when my base coat had dried I only had 15 minutes to do something so I switched plans and went for a bit of simple stamping!!

Again, some shoddy photography means that the pictures really don’t do the colours justice, the base coat on these is gorgeous in real life – I used a couple of coats of Peacock (one of my favourite polishes by far!) and then topped it with Mallard for my bird themed layers!  I then stamped over the top with a gold polish and Konad plate m63.  I don’t think I’ve even used this pattern before but I really like it, it’s kind of aztecy which is always a winner in my book!!

What do you think, not too bad for a 15 minute rush job?

I’ll be starting this Christmas nail challenge tomorrow.  Hope some of you join in as well!!

Polishes used:

  • Models Own – Peacock
  • piCture pOlish – Mallard
  • Barry M – Gold Foil
  • Konad Plate m63
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