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Day 17 – New Technique

25 Jun

I’ve been wanting to try a ‘fishtail’ mani for ages so figured this day of the challenge was as good as any to give it a go!  I was pleasantly surprised by how easy this was, even though it took a bit of time due to having to wait between each ‘layer’ for the polish to dry enough so that the next layer didn’t drag through it.  I’m also pretty pleased with how neat it turned out given that it was all done free hand with the brushes from the polishes rather than a striping brush.

I’ll definitely be giving this another go and think it would look really nice with some metallic polishes in it.

I started doing this one quite late at night so couldn’t be bothered to do all of my nails so finished off the other nails with a coat of glitter to match the base coat.

Polishes used:

  • China Glaze – Custom Kicks (this one stains so badly so I can expect my nails to have a yellow tint to them after this mani, even though I used a base coat!)
  • Barry M – Navy
  • M & S – Dark Magenta
  • Barry M – Amethyst Glitter
  • Basecoat – Sally Hansen Double Duty
  • Topcoat – China Glaze Fast Forward

Criss Cross

21 Apr

I’ve been playing around with striping tape a lot recently.  For these nails I started with a white base coat and then randomly painted on a coral, lime green, bright teal and magenta.  After that had dried I applied striping tape in a criss cross fashion, it’s a bit fiddly to do but I’m starting to get the hang of it now.  I painted over the tape with China Glaze Smoke & Mirrors (a kind of black with greenish glitter) and pulled the tape off whilst still wet to reveal the multicoloured coat underneath in a criss cross pattern.  To be honest I was a bit unsure about these half-way through when I only had multicoloured splotches on my nails but I think they’ve turned out okay!!

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