OMD2 – Funky French

14 Jul

I don’t really ‘do’ French mani’s as I keep my nails short so they tend to look a little odd, however in the spirit of the challenge here are my ‘Funky French’ nails!  I taped off small triangles along the tips of my nails and then filled these in with gold, once that had dried I used a black nail art pen to outline the triangles et voila! They look a bit art Deco I think, but also remind me of wonder woman! Random!

Polishes used: 

  • OPI – I Have A Herring Problem
  • Nails Inc – Lanes borough Place
  • Barry M Black Nail Art Pen

OMD2 – Ikat

13 Jul

So many options to choose from for this day! I opted for one of the yellow/grey colour combo inspired by these bowls which I now MUST HAVE in my life!!  Grey and yellow is a colour combination that I haven’t really used much but I really like it and this pattern is surprisingly easy to do!  For a first attempt I don’t think these are too bad…they’re not the most symmetrical but I’ll cope! I’ll definitely be experimenting with other Ikat patterns/colour combos in the future!

Polishes used: 

  • Nails Inc – Notting Hill Carnival
  • Sinful Colours – Let’s Meet
  • Sinful Colours – Snow Me White
  • Barry M – Grey

OMD2 – 3D

12 Jul

I have never attempted 3D nails before, the most 3D I get is sticking on a rhinestone or metal stud.  I bought these roses a while back on a bit of a whim and have never used them so today is the perfect opportunity!!  For some reason whenever I fancy doing a rose themed manicure my brain always thinks of stripes as the background and today is no exception!! Instead of the usual pinks and pastels that tend to go with roses I went full out Goth with a black and grey stripe 🙂

Polishes used

  • China Glaze – Stone Cold
  • MoYou – Black

OMD2 – Rainbow

11 Jul

I LOVE bright colours!  This day of the challenge gave me a chance to recreate my rainbow gradient from earlier on in the year….I decided to add a waterfall design over the top too, because more colours is good! Bright nails just make me smile 😀

Polishes used:

  • Sinful Colours – Snow Me White
  • Barry M – Bright Res
  • Barry M – Yellow
  • Nails Inc – Phoenix Place
  • Barry M – Spring Green
  • Barry M Gelly – Mango
  • Barry M – Bright Purple
  • Barry M – Cyan Blue

OMD2 – Favourite Polish

10 Jul

Yes, yes, I know….you’ve seen this combination already on my blog, but today’s OMD prompt calls for your favourite polish and these two are mine!  I love these polishes SO much!!  I wanted to keep this day simple to show off the colours, so have just gone for a simple gradient (you can’t beat it!).

I know that I’ve missed a few days of the challenge (5-9 inclusive); I was away celebrating 5 years together with my boyfriend so I think that’s a good enough excuse!  I’m hoping to catch up towards the end with the days that I’ve missed!!

Polishes used: 

  • Essie – Sexy
  • Models Own – Peacock Green

OMD 2 – Bright Nails

4 Jul

I know there’s a dotticure later on in this challenge but I couldn’t resist pulling out my dotting tools for this day of the challenge too!

This is a simple and fun look and I’ll be upset to take it off tomorrow!

Polishes Used :
Nails Inc – Seymour Walk
Nails Inc – Bruton Place
Nails Inc – Notting Hill Carnival

OMD2 – Lavender Nails

3 Jul

Ugh! These are a classic example of something not translating from brain to nail!! In my head lovely little bunches of lavender on a light lavender background sounded wonderful!!  But these, are just rubbish!! Oh well, we can’t win them all!

Polishes used:

  • Nail Inc – Wardour Street
  • Barry M – Spring Green
  • Bourjois – Bleu Violet
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