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20 Aug

I had absolutely no idea where I was going when I started these nails….I just fished out a tonne of polishes I wanted to use, a make up sponge and got to work.  I quite like the finished result, they kind of remind me of nebula with all the purples and shimmery gold colours!

Polishes used

  • Sinful Colours – Call You Later
  • Sinful Colours – Nail Junkie
  • Sinful Colours – Let’s Meet
  • Sinful Colours – Snow Me White
  • w7 – Metallic Saturn
  • w7 – Metallic Venus
  • Essie – Sexy
  • MaxFactor Mini – Diva Pink
  • Rimmel – Glitter Top Coat

Green Tartan

18 Jun

I’ve been seeing quite a few tartan/plaid designs around the interwebs recently and it inspired me to recreate my own….in green, my favourite colour!  They’re not perfect but I still quite like them.  Last time I did plaid nails I used tape and it took FOREVER (but it was neat!).  This time I decided to risk going freehand and used various striping brushes….my hand is definitely a little shaky so the lines aren’t too neat, but overall not too bad for a first attempt!!  Practice makes perfect so I’ll definitely have to have a go at these again in the future!

Polishes used: 

  • Barry M – Spring Green
  • Models Own – Peacock Green
  • M&S – Dark Magenta
  • Nails Inc – Marylebone Road

Coral Aztec(ish)

30 Apr

I know, I’m a terrible blogger, I could make tonnes of excuses but really life just gets in the way sometimes and leaves me feeling with barely enough energy to go about daily life let alone paint my nails!! I’m not promising that I’m back on track now, I mean I haven’t painted my nails for over a week….it’s alarming!  I’m sure I’ll be back to my usual self in time though!

Here’s a quick mani I did to try and practice my free-hand brush skills.  I’ve not been very inspired and had very little time for nail art recently so these were the best I could manage creativity wise!  I painted a coral base and then added gold triangles using tape to mark them off.  I then free-handed the black lines around the edges of the triangle mostly for a bit of practice!


Polishes used:

  • w7 – Sunstone
  • Nails Inc – Lanesborough Place
  • MoYou – Black

Yellow Fishtail

27 Mar

So I bought a gorgeous new yellow polish from Sinful Colours – Let’s Meet (okay, new to me!) and had to try it out.  I hardly ever wear just plain polish so had to jazz it up and had a go at a partial fishtail mani.  Whilst the execution was good I have no idea why I picked these colours, they’re hideous!!  I wore these for a day with embarrassment and then took them off as quickly as I could!

Polishes used: 

  • Sinful Colours – Let’s Meet
  • Maybelline – Silver Speed
  • Nails Inc – Onslow Gardens
  • O.P.I – Honk If You Love OPI
  • Black nail jewels from MoYou

Gilded Peacock

12 Mar

Way back when I first started blogging I did a (in my opinion) gorgeous gradient using two of my favourite polishes – Sexy by Essie and Peacock by Models Own.  It’s been AGES since I used these two polishes together so I thought it high time I did!!  I started with a base coat of Peacock on all my fingers, then taped off sections getting incrementally bigger from thumb to pinkie and went over with Sexy.  Between the boundary of the two I used my gold polish and a thin striping brush to make small lines, which kinda remind me of sound waves or something!!

Anyway, I really liked these ones! I knew I would as they’re my favourite polishes, I’m only disappointed that I couldn’t get my camera to play ball and pick up the colours properly!

Polishes used:

  • Nails Inc – Lanesborough Place
  • Essie – Sexy
  • Models Own – Peacock


3 Mar

Who doesn’t love penguins? When we were in South Africa a few weeks ago we were lucky enough to visit a large penguin colony at Boulders Beach just outside Cape Town. They were so cute, penguins just wandering around everywhere! I’ve been wanting to do penguin nails ever since so here they are! Pretty cute heh?

Polishes used:
Barry M – Guava
Barry M – Black
Sinful Colours – Snow Me White

Distressed Nails

21 Feb

There’s a few techniques I’ve been wanting to try out for a while, and this distressed technique from Chalkboard Nails is one of them.  I finally got round to trying it! It’s really simple and a very forgiving technique!!  I left the gold polish until last as I figured it was the lightest but it totally swamped the rest of the design, but it was so easily recoverable by just going back over with a couple of the other colours.

What do you think?  I’m looking forward to playing around with this technique and different colours!

Polishes used:

  • w7 – Sunstone
  • Barry M – Navy
  • Barry M – Guava
  • Nails Inc – Lanesborough Place
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