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(B)Excellent Birthday Nails!

11 Jun

These nails are for my lovely friend Bex who bought me the gorgeous polishes featured in this post as part of a nail survival kit she gave me for my birthday!


I’ve never used any of the Seventeen polishes before but I’ll definitely be using them again now, thanks Bex!!  I absolutely adore the green colour, it’s easily going to be one of my favourites!

Polishes used:

  • Seventeen – Lime Em Up
  • Seventeen – Wishing Star
  • Seventeen – Silver Glitter
  • MoYou – Black


27 Nov

So, my Christmas Jumper nails left me so traumatized that I just had to remove them straight away.  It was quite late at that point, and obviously I can’t bear the thought of naked nails so I just did a quick, simple design that I knew would make me happy again!!

I have hundreds and hundreds of these stars in so many different colours, this is the first time I’ve used them, they’re really cute and I will totally be fishing more out in the future!!

Polishes used:

  • Rimmel Pro – Sea Green
  • Rimmel Finishing Touch – Glitter Top Coat

Day 21 – Merge or Melt

13 Jul

So for this day I’ve done another gradient (I love gradients!). I am totally in love with these nails and know I won’t want to take them off!

I started with a base coat of corally orange, then sponged on a gradient with a pink.  Once that had dried and I’d cleaned up and added topcoat I decided it didn’t look complete so stamped over with a water marble design using konad plate m63. Then, using the principle that more is, well, just more I added a top coat of glitter using a england she walks in beauty. 



I totally love these, the iridescent glitter on top makes the gradient and stamping look really subtle. They’re perfect for the sunny weather we’re having at the moment.

P.s. sorry if the format of this post looks weird at all, I’m posting from my mobile as away for the weekend. 

Day 18 – Oldest Untried

4 Jul

I don’t have any really old polishes that I haven’t tried, to be honest I can’t usually wait more than an hour before I want to plaster them on my nails!  So…this post features some of my most recent purchases from a-england.  I received these beauties last week and haven’t had a chance to use them yet – I wanted to try all of them at once so decided to go for a skittle mani.

For my thumb and index finger I went with a gradient using Nails Inc Mayfair and A-England Princess Sabra.  My middle and ring fingers were done with Galahad and Holy Grail (limited edition) and a dotting tool, and my pinkie uses a base coat of Nails Inc Blenheim Terrace and a glitter gradient with She Walks in Beauty.

These polishes are gorgeous, She Walks in Beauty is a stunning glitter and I can’t wait to try it again!   I have to say that this look is a little random given that I just wanted to use all my polishes, but I don’t think it looks too disconnected!!

Polishes used:

  • a-england Princess Sabra (greeny olive colour)
  • a-england Galahad (teal)
  • a-england Holy Grail (yellow gold)
  • a-england She Walks in Beauty (pinky glitter)
  • Nails Inc Mayfair (pearl white)
  • Nails Inc Blenheim Terrace (rose pink)

Day 4 – Pink

25 May

In my mission to be a better (read: more regular!) blogger I give you my next post from the challenge – Day 4, Pink Nails.  I wasn’t looking forward to this one as pink isn’t really a colour I associate with myself and I couldn’t even remember what pinks I had in my collection!  Turns out I have quite a few and I was spoilt for choice!  I almost went for a bright barbie style pink but settled for a dusky rose pink in the end.  I used Essie ‘Eternal Optimist’ as my base colour.  I’d forgotten how absolutely gorgeous this colour is.  The formula is a little on the thick side, but the brush is amazing – it’s just the right size for my fingers and has nice rounded edges to make getting to the edges of your nails much easier.  I’ve got a few other Essie polishes and haven’t noticed this brush on any of them so perhaps it’s just a one off!?

I knew straight away with this challenge that I also wanted to use one of my pink glitters and settled for Nails Inc Chelsea Square which matches the Essie polish almost perfectly.  I can’t stop looking at this glitter when it’s on, it’s sooooooooo shiny!!  On a completely random note I need to do some fluffy nails so I can link to this video!

Of course, I could have just left it at that but noooo! Not me!  I really need to learn when to stop as less is often more, but I didn’t listen to myself and thought “I know, lets add some black glitter hexes to the Essie nails”.  I really need to practice placing these a lot more as some are overlapping and have smudged the polish a bit but nevermind!!  I don’t think the black hexes add too much to the mani so kind of wish I hadn’t bothered, but they don’t really take away from it either!!  Hmm.

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