Pink Leopards (January N.A.I.L – Opposites)

24 Jan

So, I almost never wear pink polish or animal prints, it’s just not my style but that’s the whole point of this January N.A.I.L.!

There’s nothing fancy about these, just a bright pink base coat and some gold leopard print stamped on top, and you know what!? I love them! The gold somehow makes the pink a bit more muted than it normally is and as the leopard is gold it doesn’t show up too much so it’s fairly subtle!



Thanks N.A.I.L challenge….you’ve opened my eyes to pink leopard print!


2 Responses to “Pink Leopards (January N.A.I.L – Opposites)”

  1. Craftynail January 24, 2014 at 8:52 pm #

    cool! I’m gonna work on my ‘opposite’ mani this weekend.. i hope i find a new-to-me fave look too !

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