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Pink Leopards (January N.A.I.L – Opposites)

24 Jan

So, I almost never wear pink polish or animal prints, it’s just not my style but that’s the whole point of this January N.A.I.L.!

There’s nothing fancy about these, just a bright pink base coat and some gold leopard print stamped on top, and you know what!? I love them! The gold somehow makes the pink a bit more muted than it normally is and as the leopard is gold it doesn’t show up too much so it’s fairly subtle!



Thanks N.A.I.L challenge….you’ve opened my eyes to pink leopard print!


Nails on Safari

23 Jan

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, have I told you all how excited I am to be going to South Africa in week’s time!! It’s going to be absolutely amazing and I really can’t wait!! My only worry is how many nail polishes to pack!!  In my excitement and because it really is too early to start packing now I’ve distracted myself by painting African style nails!!  Whoop!!

I started with a gradient made to resemble the awesome sunsets I will no doubt see whilst I’m over there and then using a nail art pen painted my birds and trees in a silhouette style! I can’t wait for these nails to become reality in a week!!



Blue Cherries

20 Jan

My original idea with this once was to do cherry blossoms as a French tip, my nails are far to short for that though so just went with an all over blossom in the end! I’m really getting into my MoYou plates, they’re just so beautiful! This print is from the Comics Collection 05 plate which is more work of art than stamping plate!

I did a really subtle gradient as my base colour using a few blues and then stamped over with a darker blue.


Anyone absolutely loving MoYou plates right now!?

Polishes used:
Essie – Lapiz of Luxury
Barry M – Cyan Blue
Barry M Gelly – Guava
Barry M Gelly – Blackberry

January N.A.I.L. – Inspired by Pinterest

17 Jan

Wahay! Today I am am completing my first ever N.A.I.L. challenge!!  One of my resolutions this year is to post more regularly and getting involved in these challenges is a good way of ensuring I do that as it’s a little prompt to help when you’re feeling less than inspired!!

I missed the first prompt of the January challenge which was ‘health & wellness’ as I was too busy getting stressed out over job interviews!  That’s all over now so N.A.I.L. now has my undivided attention!  So, this week’s theme is inspired by Pinterest, I am ALWAYS on Pinterest so I had no end of inspiration to help with this challenge!! I actually wanted to do something pretty simple as I was feeling quite tired when I was doing these (getting towards the end of a long week at work!) so I based my look on these lovelies!!  True to my word they were indeed very simple to do using just a small striping brush for the gold details and then finishing it all off with a matte topcoat (I seriously think there’s nothing better than matte black nails!).

Make sure you all check out the other entries in the challenge!!

Polishes used:

  • Barry M – Black
  • Rimmel Finishing Touch Glitter Top Coat
  • w7 – Golden Pearl


Geometric Scarf Print

16 Jan

I’ve spent the best part of the last week with no polish on my nails whatsoever! Shocking, I know! My assessment centre for the trainee solicitor position was last week so I had to keep my nails professional. That’s all over now though and I’m back to the freedom of nail art once more!

It’s been super cold and rainy and windy here recently so I’ve spent a lot of time wearing my favourite scarf and decided to do some nails based on the pattern! I free handed everything except the middle finger which I did with striping tape. I’m pretty pleased with this, it’s definitely some of the neatest freehand work I’ve done!


Polishes used:
Barry M – Lychee
Barry M – Mango
w7 – Metallic Saturn
Konad – Pearl Black

2013 Round Up & 2014 News!

3 Jan

Phew, I’ve finally caught up on all the blog posts of you talented people that I hadn’t read due to Christmas etc.  Now it’s time to try and get my own blog back on track, although I’m not making any major promises as January is a bit of a hectic month for me.

Next week I have a super important two-day assessment centre & interview for a legal training contract with a firm in Stratford-Upon-Avon, I’ve already had two interviews with them and this is the final stage of the recruitment process.  I’ll be SO glad when it’s all over, whether I get the job or not, as it’s been hanging over my head for 6 months now (since my original application) and even if I don’t get the job there’ll hopefully be some positive feedback I can take from the experience to learn by.

At the end of January I’m going to South Africa with my boyfriend and family for two weeks as my twin brother is getting married, I’m super excited about this and think there may well be a few holiday themed nails coming up in the next couple of weeks whilst my excitement builds!!  We’ve been planning the trip for nearly 1.5 years now so I’m so excited that it’s finally almost here!!

Anyway, in my NYE post I promised a bit of a round-up so here are my favourite manis since I started blogging in April last year:

I also never got to finish my 12 Days of Christmas Nail Challenge, although I did only miss 1 day I just failed to post the rest of them, so here are the remaining nails from the challenge!!  The only day I missed completely was ‘Christmas Pudding’ – I don’t like to eat it so I’m certainly not going to put them on my nails!!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I’m looking forward to more nail-shaped adventures with you all in 2014.

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