Lapiz of Luxury

28 Aug

No more challenge nails! Whoop!  I had a mini Essie haul at the weekend, it seems like ages since I bought any polish and I’m trying to fill in some colours gaps in my collection – I don’t really have any pastel shades so Essie was obviously a perfect brand to go to for that!

The main inspiration for these nails was one of my new Essie polishes – Lapiz of Luxury, I have to admit that apart from the colour one of the main reasons I picked it was for the name – I’ve just finished watching the Vampire Diaries on Netflix (shame on me, I know!) and Lapiz is the stone that allows them to walk in the day (I feel so much shame actually posting this information!).  I’m really into stripes at the moment, but also haven’t done any gradients for a while so these nails are a good combo and I love them!  I left my stripes to dry for absolutely ages before putting my topcoat on but they still smudged – gutted!  Any tips on how to avoid this (other than time!) would be appreciated!


Polishes used:

  • Essie – Lapiz of Luxury
  • Bourjois – Bleu Violet
  • Barry M – Cyan Blue

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