Day 26 – Inspired by my country

8 Aug

I will get to the end of this challenge!  I’m getting a bit sick of it now to be honest, these last few days haven’t been very inspirational for me.  But…I’m determined to see it through to the end, and it’s certainly given me the inspiration I was looking for when I started it!  I’ve been so busy over the last month or so and now that’s all finally passed I’ve just wanted to slump on the couch and not paint my nails at all!

Day 26 is inspired by my country, which is the UK.  I pondered for ages about what to do for this, and then came across some Cath Kidston inspired nails and knew instantly that an English Rose theme was the way forward.  This is only my second ever attempt at doing these kinds of roses and I don’t think they’ve turned out too badly considering.  As is often the case I put my top coat on before the roses and dots had fully dried (I am SO impatient!) and so there’s a few smudges – one day I’ll learn!

Polishes used: 

  • Nails Inc – Onslow Gardens (lilac base coat)
  • OPI – Honk If You Love OPI (for the dots and the base of the roses)
  • M & S – dark magenta (for contouring the roses)
  • W7 – White (for contouring the roses)
  • Studio London – Deep Ivy (for the leaves)

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