Day 18 – Oldest Untried

4 Jul

I don’t have any really old polishes that I haven’t tried, to be honest I can’t usually wait more than an hour before I want to plaster them on my nails!  So…this post features some of my most recent purchases from a-england.  I received these beauties last week and haven’t had a chance to use them yet – I wanted to try all of them at once so decided to go for a skittle mani.

For my thumb and index finger I went with a gradient using Nails Inc Mayfair and A-England Princess Sabra.  My middle and ring fingers were done with Galahad and Holy Grail (limited edition) and a dotting tool, and my pinkie uses a base coat of Nails Inc Blenheim Terrace and a glitter gradient with She Walks in Beauty.

These polishes are gorgeous, She Walks in Beauty is a stunning glitter and I can’t wait to try it again!   I have to say that this look is a little random given that I just wanted to use all my polishes, but I don’t think it looks too disconnected!!

Polishes used:

  • a-england Princess Sabra (greeny olive colour)
  • a-england Galahad (teal)
  • a-england Holy Grail (yellow gold)
  • a-england She Walks in Beauty (pinky glitter)
  • Nails Inc Mayfair (pearl white)
  • Nails Inc Blenheim Terrace (rose pink)

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