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Day 11 – Splatter

8 Jun

I’ve never had much luck with splatter manis, I just end up with big blobs of polish on my nails and a few good splattered bits, these ones are no exception, oh well!

I used sunstone for my base and a black and blue for the splatter, which I did by scooping bits of polish up with a straw and blowing them onto my nails. Fun, but very messy and cleaning your cuticles after is a nightmare!


Any tips to get the splatter more even?

Polishes used
Barry M – Black
Barry M – Cyan Blue
W7 – Sunstone


Day 10 – Geometric

7 Jun

I really wanted to have a go a something really complex for this as I love geometric patterns but in the end I actually decided on something really simple! My nails are just too ridiculously small for detailed nail art!

I started with one of my new Nails Inc polishes, Phoenix Place, a bright pink creme. This really needs three coats to reach opacity but the dry time is pretty quick so that makes up for it!


I then taped off my tips at an angle and painted over with China Glaze Custom Kicks, another bright polish this time in teal.


Finally I taped off another triangle in a different direction and painted over with Bourjois Bleu Violet.


These nails might be a little bright but I love them!

Day 9 – Saran Wrap

6 Jun

Or as we say in the UK – cling film! I did promise something exciting for this one as I already did a cling film mani earlier on in the challenge….but, although I tried my ideas just didn’t work out so I went for a simple red and gold mani with a top coat. I’ve been wearing this one for days and it’s lasted really well. I really like cling film manis as they’re simple to do but look more complicated than that when finished!


Polishes used:
Barry M – gold foil
M & S – dark magenta

Nail Polish Haul

5 Jun

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from my nails for the last week…I’ve just had no time to do any proper nail art, I’ve got lots planned but every time I sit down to do them I end up rushing and ruining things so I’ve decided to take a little break but normal service will resume shortly!

In other exciting news I recently took advantage of the Nails Inc lucky dip offer, where you get 7 full size Nails Inc polishes for just £18, a total bargain considering they usually retail at £11 each!

My polishes arrived today and I’m really happy with them, they fill out a few gaps in my collection and I didn’t receive anything I already own which is a bonus! I can’t wait to use these!


The polishes I received are:
Lanesborough Place
Justice Walk
Phoenix Place
Maida Vale
Sloane Gardens
Blenheim Terrace

Did anyone else take up this offer? What polishes did you all get if so?

Day 8 – Dotty for Duochrome

1 Jun

I’ll keep this one brief as there’s really not a lot to say about this simple mani! For this day of the challenge I decided to use one of my duochromes – Models Own Indian Ocean, I adore this colour – it’s so gorgeous and my pictures really don’t do it justice! I could happily spend all day staring at my nails when I wear this polish just looking for all the changing colours under different lights!

My original idea was to add black dots and a stud to the base of each nail but I decided that would over complicate the look so just went with shimmery purple dots in a colour that compliments Indian Ocean.

Polishes used:

  • Models Own – Indian Ocean
  • MaxFactor – Moon Dust
  • Base & Top Coat – Sally Hansen Double Duty
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