Day 15 – Watercolour

20 Jun

Okay, so this isn’t technically a watercolour mani, but it did use water and it is also colourful!! I kind of cheated with this one by doing a watermarble rather than a watercolour, but in my defence water marbling is HARD so it hardly felt like cheating! I just don’t really like the idea of watercolour manis but maybe I’ve never seen any that really appeal to me yet – I remain open minded!!

I’m definitely getting better at watermarbling and am pretty pleased with these nails! I particularly like the colours and will definitely use these again!! I am so pleased that Peacock worked in a watermarble as it’s one of my favourite colours!

For some reason, known only to me, I decided not to tape my nails off before watermarbling this time – partly out of laziness, and partly through being a little bit too confident about my skills!! OH MY GOD, it took AGES to clean up afterwards!! I have learnt my lesson well and truly!

Polishes used:

  • Barry M – Mint Green
  • Barry M – Spring Green
  • Models Own – Peacock

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