Day 4 – Pink

25 May

In my mission to be a better (read: more regular!) blogger I give you my next post from the challenge – Day 4, Pink Nails.  I wasn’t looking forward to this one as pink isn’t really a colour I associate with myself and I couldn’t even remember what pinks I had in my collection!  Turns out I have quite a few and I was spoilt for choice!  I almost went for a bright barbie style pink but settled for a dusky rose pink in the end.  I used Essie ‘Eternal Optimist’ as my base colour.  I’d forgotten how absolutely gorgeous this colour is.  The formula is a little on the thick side, but the brush is amazing – it’s just the right size for my fingers and has nice rounded edges to make getting to the edges of your nails much easier.  I’ve got a few other Essie polishes and haven’t noticed this brush on any of them so perhaps it’s just a one off!?

I knew straight away with this challenge that I also wanted to use one of my pink glitters and settled for Nails Inc Chelsea Square which matches the Essie polish almost perfectly.  I can’t stop looking at this glitter when it’s on, it’s sooooooooo shiny!!  On a completely random note I need to do some fluffy nails so I can link to this video!

Of course, I could have just left it at that but noooo! Not me!  I really need to learn when to stop as less is often more, but I didn’t listen to myself and thought “I know, lets add some black glitter hexes to the Essie nails”.  I really need to practice placing these a lot more as some are overlapping and have smudged the polish a bit but nevermind!!  I don’t think the black hexes add too much to the mani so kind of wish I hadn’t bothered, but they don’t really take away from it either!!  Hmm.


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