Black & White

15 May

I’ve been struggling for inspiration recently and whenever that happens I look to the latest nail challenges for a bit of inspiration.  This mani is ‘Day 1 of the New 31 Day Nail Challenge’ as found here.  I haven’t really decided whether to take a bash at this challenge or not yet, I’m not sure I want to commit myself to 31 posts!!  I think what I’ll do it just work through them, taking my favourite ideas and see what happens!! There’s no way I can commit to 31 days of posting a specific look!!

So, Day 1 is Black & White.  I can categorically state that I hate white nail polish on my nails, on some people it looks lovely, on me I just find it too bright and glaring so I’ve gone for a look that’s primarily black with just touches of white to meet the criteria!!

I used Barry M Black on my index, middle and pinkies. After that had dried I used striping tape to mark out French tips and painted over with w7 white. For my thumb and ring finger I started with a base coat of w7 white then did a water marble using both black and white.

I rather like the finished result, but it’s quite a bold look so don’t think I’ll wear it for too long. The clean up on this took ages as well, I always find black tricky to get off the cuticles/edges of my nails. I also pretty much forgot to take piccies of the process so you only have base coat and finished result to look at.

Polishes used:

  • Barry M – Black
  • w7 – White
  • Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat

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