Desert Fest

2 May

I was away at a music festival in Camden, London last weekend and didn’t have time to do my planned nails before I left (last minute packing prevailed as always) so these are the nails I would have done had I of had time!

As the festival is called DesertFest I had to make my nails look like mini deserts! I painted on two coats of yellow and once that had dried sponged on yellow, sunstone and magenta to make my sunset/desert style gradient.


I added some palm trees and cacti using my new black nail pen and that was it! I have no idea how I’ve survived without a nail pen for all this time, I’ve spent the last year using various nail art brushes but this is just so much easier!

I was a little tempted to get carried away and add some pyramids and camels to my other nails but I decided to quit whilst I was ahead on this occasion for fear of overcrowding my nails!

What do you think? I really like these ones, especially as the sun has decided to come out and play for a change recently!

Polishes used
Barry M – yellow
W7 – sunstone
M&S – magenta
Barry M – black nail pen
Base coat – Sally Hansen double duty
Top coat – China Glaze fast forward


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