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Day 7 – Ombre or Skittle

30 May

I really couldn’t come up with anything exciting to do a skittle mani with so just went for a simple (boring!) ombre mani!! I used my collection of green polishes for this one and went from light on my thumb to darkest on my pinkie.  I ended up adding a stamp to this one as well – my idea was to stamp in reverse from dark to light, but not all of the polishes showed up as well as I would have liked!  I ended up adding a matte top coat to this one too as I didn’t like that some of the polishes had a cream finish and some a shimmery finish.

I’m looking forward to getting onto the later stages of the challenge as the last few haven’t been very inspiring for me!!  Next up – duochrome/flakie/holo, the challenge there will be to decide which polish to feature!!

Polishes used:

  • Barry M – Watermelon (pinkie)
  • Models Own – Peacock (ring finger)
  • Barry M – Emerald Green (middle finger)
  • Barry M – Spring Green (index finger)
  • Barry M – Mint Green (thumb)

Day 6 – Favourite Colour Family

29 May

I wanted to do something pretty simple for this one – the thing that wasn’t simple was choosing my favourite colour family!! I love all my polishes, that’s why I have them!! I decided to choose by using the polishes I have the most of – these turned out to be blue, purple and green, so I just chose blue in the end!!

I went with a cling film mani as I wanted something quick and simple – that’s before I looked further through the challenge and realised that this is a separate challenge on it’s own, I guess I’ll have to be a bit more inventive when it comes to that one then!!

There’s really not a lot else to say about these nails – I used cyan blue and dark blue and decided to vary it a little by putting gold on my thumb and ring finger.  These are by no way the best nails I’ve done but I still like them, I just wanted something quick and easy to do but have to say I probably rushed these a little too much!

Day 5 – Purple

26 May

Onwards with the challenge! I wanted to do something pretty simple for this one but using a couple of polishes that I haven’t really used much before.  I have loads of purples, it’s definitely one of my favourite colours for my nails but I chose a couple of under-used polishes in my collection – Nails Inc Onslow Gardens, a lilac shade, and OPI Honk If You Love OPI which is a rich deep purple.

I started with a base coat of the Nails Inc shade and let that dry overnight.  Once it had dried I taped across each nail diagonally and painted the remaining section with the OPI purple.

Once dried to touch I added dots in the contrasting colour to each section to make an interlocking dotted pattern – simple!! If your idea of simple is carefully placing a total of 274 dots on your nails, yes – I counted them! So what!?

I really like the finished result, I think these purples work really well together and the interconnected dots make it a little fun!!

Day 4 – Pink

25 May

In my mission to be a better (read: more regular!) blogger I give you my next post from the challenge – Day 4, Pink Nails.  I wasn’t looking forward to this one as pink isn’t really a colour I associate with myself and I couldn’t even remember what pinks I had in my collection!  Turns out I have quite a few and I was spoilt for choice!  I almost went for a bright barbie style pink but settled for a dusky rose pink in the end.  I used Essie ‘Eternal Optimist’ as my base colour.  I’d forgotten how absolutely gorgeous this colour is.  The formula is a little on the thick side, but the brush is amazing – it’s just the right size for my fingers and has nice rounded edges to make getting to the edges of your nails much easier.  I’ve got a few other Essie polishes and haven’t noticed this brush on any of them so perhaps it’s just a one off!?

I knew straight away with this challenge that I also wanted to use one of my pink glitters and settled for Nails Inc Chelsea Square which matches the Essie polish almost perfectly.  I can’t stop looking at this glitter when it’s on, it’s sooooooooo shiny!!  On a completely random note I need to do some fluffy nails so I can link to this video!

Of course, I could have just left it at that but noooo! Not me!  I really need to learn when to stop as less is often more, but I didn’t listen to myself and thought “I know, lets add some black glitter hexes to the Essie nails”.  I really need to practice placing these a lot more as some are overlapping and have smudged the polish a bit but nevermind!!  I don’t think the black hexes add too much to the mani so kind of wish I hadn’t bothered, but they don’t really take away from it either!!  Hmm.

Day 3 – Gold

22 May

Ugh, I’ve been so rubbish at blogging recently! Pesky life getting in the way of nail painting, tsk! I’ve decided to crack on with some more nails from the new 31 day challenge. It’s a good opportunity to use some of the polishes I don’t normally think about and hopefully get a bit more inspiration for my nails! Day 3 is Gold.  I blimin’ love gold on my nails – I have quite a few gold polishes but decided to use my Barry M Christmas Special which looks a bit like gold foil.  This polish was a freebie for spending over a certain amount in Boots at Christmas, and I didn’t even bother picking it up when I went to the checkout as I figured I had enough gold polishes already, but the checkout girl insisted I take one and I’m so glad I did because I’ve used it so much already and I absolutely love the foil-type effect it has.  It kinda reminds me of the foil that is used to wrap chocolate in.

I’ve been wearing plain gold on my nails all day, much to the surprise of everyone who knows me – “what, just plain gold?”.

I have now decided to tart it up a little and have turned it into an art deco style mani using striping tape and Essie ‘sexy’.

I’m definitely getting better at striping tape and really liked this look, but think I’ll draw it out on some paper before placing the tape next time rather than just thinking about it on the spot!

Next up on the challenge is ‘pink’ nails….now there’s a colour I don’t use very much!

Eurovision 2013

18 May

I love the Eurovision Song Contest, I’ve been so excited about it for weeks! It’s so cheesy and tacky but I don’t care, it’s fun! I decided to do some Eurovision nails to go with the occasion. This year the competition is in Malmo so I have painted a Swedish flag on my ring finger. I have done a Union Jack on my thumb, to show support for my country…..but Bonnie Tyler? Seriously UK, you couldn’t come up with anything better? I painted the flags free hand using various sizes of striping brush, but you could do these with tape (if you’re patient enough) if you’re not confident free hand.

For my index and middle finger I started with a base coat of silver. I then free handed a heart on my index finger using a white nail pen. I went over the heart using a small nail art brush and the blue of the Swedish flag. Once that had dried I used a striping brush to make the yellow lines of the flag and then finally went around the heart with the white pen again for a clean outline – this heart is one of the 2013 logos.

For the middle finger I stamped a butterfly using white polish and Konad plate m21. I then went over this using a pink, purple and sparkly blue to make it look like the 2013 butterfly logo, and added the numbers 2013 with a black nail art pen and the centre of the butterfly using a pink nail art pen.

My pinkie is just a couple of coats of nails inc 3D glitter….. Because what Eurovision is complete without a bit of sparkle!?

Is anyone else as excited as I am about Eurovision?  Hope you all enjoy it if you’re watching!

Polishes used

  • Barry m nail pens – white, pink and black
  • Max Factor Moon Dust
  • Max Factor Red Bronze
  • w7 White
  • Barry M Blue
  • Barry M Cyan Blue
  • Barry M Yellow
  • Barry M Blue Glitter
  • Nails Inc St James
  • Nails Inc Bloomsbury Square
  • Maybelline Silver Speed

It’s All Coming Up Roses (p.s. Day 2 – Silver!)

16 May

I decided to forge ahead with Day 2 of the challenge. Don’t get too excited though, I can 100% guarantee there won’t be 29 other consecutive posts from the challenge!  Anyway, Day 2 is ‘Silver’.  I haven’t used silver in sooooooo long so I was quite pleased with this one as it meant I got to use a polish that I haven’t used for well over half a year.

I started with a base coat of Maybelline Silver Speed.  This is a really nice quick drying matte silver.  You could get away with just one coat but I used two just for full opacity.

As this polish dries almost instantly I could get on with some stamping!  I used China Glaze Stone Cold as my stamping polish, which I haven’t used to stamp with before.  Stone Cold is also a quick drying polish so I had to work really quickly to make sure it didn’t dry on the plate or the stamp, and in some cases it did and a few nails are missing spots! Oh well!! My stamping pattern was from Konad plate M65.

I decided that this look would work better matte so finished off by adding a matte top coat.  I love matte silvers, there’s just something almost velvety about them (or is that just me!?).

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