25 Apr

Warning – these nails are bright!! I wasn’t happy with these ones once I’d finished, despite them being exactly like I’d pictured before I started for some reason I just thought they looked a bit garish and tacky once finished!

I started by painting my basecoat and then applying my initial colour, tangerine for the thumb and ring finger, and cyan blue for the rest.  Once that had dried I stamped on a leopard print in the contrasting colour using Konad nail polish and plate M57.  After leaving the stamping to dry for a few minutes I decided that my nails needed some glitter so added a thin coat of Diamond Glitter!  When isn’t glitter a good idea!?

After the glitter had dried I taped off triangles at the base of each nail and painted over again in the contrasting colour to produce V-shaped gaps.

Of course, not content with bright blue and orange glittery leopard print I decided to add a couple of silver metal square studs to my thumb and ring finger, just to complete the tackiness right!?

The whole mani just kinda reminded me of those tacky glue-on nails that you get in really cheap nail bars so I didn’t wear them for very long!

What do you think?  Tacky, or so “out there” that they’re actually pretty cool!?

Polishes used:

  • Barry M – Tangerine
  • Barry M – Cyan Blue
  • Barry M – Diamond Glitter
  • Konad – Orange
  • Konad – Blue
  • Basecoat – Sally Hansen Double Duty
  • Topcoat – China Glaze Fast Forward

One Response to “Raaaar!”

  1. Catherine Dream October 17, 2013 at 11:15 am #

    Uuuu wah. Should I be honest?
    I like the II stage the most! with the animal print v-shaped. I’d say, tacky factor, minimal. But I and especially III stage? Your tacky radar siren thingamajig is right to be wailing.
    I think it’s hard to make animal print classy, but that’s just me 🙂
    I love how you can create such perfect geometric shapes and lines though 🙂
    How are you finding those konad polishes?

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