My Last Year In Nails

9 Apr

So, I thought a good way to start my first ‘proper’ blog post was just to give a little history of my obsession with nail polish!! I mean, I’ve always loved painting my nails and before I started getting into it seriously last year had a pretty healthy collection of polishes, but sometime around July 2012 my friend Laura mentioned ‘the 31 Day Nail Challenge’ and from then on in I was hooked!!  I started googling images and found hundreds of other blog posts from nail enthusiasts which gave me inspiration and got me addicted!! I never completed the challenge, I got stuck after Day 29 (I know, only two more days to go!) but maybe I’ll start it again once I get a bit more established at blogging about my nails!!

I should mention that prior to my nail polish days I was studying part-time for a law degree (evenings & weekends) so had no time to dedicate to nails, but as soon as I finished my obsession took off with all the free time I found myself with!!

So to finish this post here’s a few of the pictures from my first attempt at the 31 day nail challenge, be prepared for some awful manicures and some pretty shoddy photography – I’ve come a long way since I started this addiction and I’ve still got a way to go until I can call myself an expert!


One Response to “My Last Year In Nails”

  1. Catherine Dream October 17, 2013 at 11:19 am #

    Oooooh, so much pretty! 🙂 Flags! And the last, whatever creature it is, awesome!

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