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Blogging Disaster!

30 Apr

Whilst away at a music festival this weekend the worst possible thing that could ever happen to a nail blogger happened to me!!  I tore my thumb nail, so painful!!  Now I have weeks of waiting for it to grow back to the same length as my other nails!!  Oh, the trauma!





30 Apr

I finally got around to purchasing the new Barry M nail art pens that came out earlier this month.  Obviously, the best thing to do to try out nail pens is clearly an Aztec design!!

I used three base colours – mint green, gold foil and grey.

Then came time to get aztec-tastic with the nail art pens!  I was pleasantly surprised by these, considering how reasonable in price they are – but then I am a bit of a Barry M fan anyway so it would have been hard for me to be disappointed!!

The black is clearly going to be my most used, as I think it’ll transfer onto base coats the clearest and the formula was really nice – not too runny, not too thick and pretty opaque.  The white on the other hand was a bit runny, which made it slightly difficult to use – I’ll have to think about base coat colour carefully next time I use this one.  The silver was also similar to the white, it was a little thin and didn’t really show up too well.  I only used the pink to do a couple of dots, but the colour pay off seemed quite good on the mint green so I think it’ll be really pretty to use for some flowers in a future mani!

Warning – don’t shake these without the lid on, even though the packaging clearly says *not* to do this, I kinda ignored that and ended up caked in white nail paint, oops!

Look at my poorly thumb nail on the right hand shot! *sad face*.

Polishes used:

  • Barry M Gold Foil
  • Barry M Mint Green
  • Barry M Grey
  • Barry M Nail art pens in pink, silver, black and white

A Touch Of Gold

27 Apr

I’m away at a music festival this weekend (and turning 31, but pretending I’m still 21) so this post is from a mani I did earlier in the week.

The main polish is OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, whilst I love the colour which is a deep rich emerald green the formula is awful. It’s really thin and runny, but as it dries really quickly it ends up streaky. It took three coats to look opaque and probably could benefit from a fourth to even it out in places. Over the green I dotted some gold on my thumb and ring finger using a Barry M gold foil polish that was a freebie from Boots at Christmas. My original plan was to do a kind of dot gradient from large to small but I just decided to dot randomly in the end. On my remaining fingers I added a coat of Nails Inc Fleet Street which is a really nice gold glitter with torn gold flakes. Although this mani was simple I think it looks really striking.




25 Apr

Warning – these nails are bright!! I wasn’t happy with these ones once I’d finished, despite them being exactly like I’d pictured before I started for some reason I just thought they looked a bit garish and tacky once finished!

I started by painting my basecoat and then applying my initial colour, tangerine for the thumb and ring finger, and cyan blue for the rest.  Once that had dried I stamped on a leopard print in the contrasting colour using Konad nail polish and plate M57.  After leaving the stamping to dry for a few minutes I decided that my nails needed some glitter so added a thin coat of Diamond Glitter!  When isn’t glitter a good idea!?

After the glitter had dried I taped off triangles at the base of each nail and painted over again in the contrasting colour to produce V-shaped gaps.

Of course, not content with bright blue and orange glittery leopard print I decided to add a couple of silver metal square studs to my thumb and ring finger, just to complete the tackiness right!?

The whole mani just kinda reminded me of those tacky glue-on nails that you get in really cheap nail bars so I didn’t wear them for very long!

What do you think?  Tacky, or so “out there” that they’re actually pretty cool!?

Polishes used:

  • Barry M – Tangerine
  • Barry M – Cyan Blue
  • Barry M – Diamond Glitter
  • Konad – Orange
  • Konad – Blue
  • Basecoat – Sally Hansen Double Duty
  • Topcoat – China Glaze Fast Forward


23 Apr

More striping tape today!!  I had a lovely nail mail delivery last week of some piCture pOlish nail varnishes that I’ve been wanting for SOOOOOOOOOOOOO long but as they’re an Aussie brand I’ve put off purchasing them for a while, until I noticed that they had a number of distributors which you can find on their website here!  I haven’t tried the polishes I bought properly yet (Mallard, Peacock and Monroe) but couldn’t resist doing a quick striping tape mani with Mallard.  It’s such a beautiful dark green with copper and gold flakies that this mani really doesn’t do it justice!  It seriously took me FOREVER to place all the tape for this but I really like the finished result!

Criss Cross

21 Apr

I’ve been playing around with striping tape a lot recently.  For these nails I started with a white base coat and then randomly painted on a coral, lime green, bright teal and magenta.  After that had dried I applied striping tape in a criss cross fashion, it’s a bit fiddly to do but I’m starting to get the hang of it now.  I painted over the tape with China Glaze Smoke & Mirrors (a kind of black with greenish glitter) and pulled the tape off whilst still wet to reveal the multicoloured coat underneath in a criss cross pattern.  To be honest I was a bit unsure about these half-way through when I only had multicoloured splotches on my nails but I think they’ve turned out okay!!

Sexy Peacock!

19 Apr

Okay, so let me explain the title of my post first and you’ll realise I’m not actually stark raving bonkers, I used two polishes to create this look – Essie Sexy and Models Own Peacock, so clearly Sexy Peacock is an appropriate title for this post!  If I had to pick a favourite nail polish on the spot I think I would choose Essie Sexy, it’s an absolutely gorgeous purple with a slight shimmer to it, Models Own Peacock is also a beautiful polish and this is the first time I’ve used it – the fact that I keep finding bottles of polish unopened suggests I may have too many but that still doesn’t stop me ordering more!

I haven’t done a gradient for ages and these two polishes are perfect peacock feather colours so I knew they’d work well together.  I applied a coat of Peacock first and once that had dried I sponged on Sexy & Peacock to form my gradient using this tutorial from one of the nail blogs I follow.  This is the first time I’ve tried a gradient this way and it was certainly the most effective one I’ve done to date so I’ll definitely be using this method in the future.

I’m in LOVE with these nails, I’ve had them on for four days now and they’re hardly showing any tip wear – I have to stop myself just looking at my nails they’re that beautiful (even if I do say so myself!).

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